Faux Fur Fabric

January 17, 2019

Faux Fur Fabric

Faux Fur fabric is a must-have fabric for every crafter and fashion designer. It is ideal for clothing, pet beds, Throws, Cushions, Costumes, bears and so much more!. There are 4 different piles and designs you can choose from there is something for everyone. Faux Fur is extremely popular often associated with colder months. 


When working with fur fabrics you would need to use a simple pattern with a few pieces. Always cut with pile lying on one side. Stitch Seams but always remember to trim away any excess pile from the seam this is to reduce bulk. Use firm interfacing and heavy zips.


Press lightly on the wrong side of the fabric with a warm iron.

For a soft smaller pile why not get our Plain Faux Fur 14 mm soft pile ideal for Clothing, throws Fabric 58" Wide MT930 It has 12 different colours to choose from and is machine washable. 

If you are looking for a longer pile we have our Plain Faux Fur 75mm Long Pile ideal for clothing, pet beds 58" Wide Mtex MT931 it is available in 5 different colours. Machine Washable at 40 degrees.

We have also have an Animal Faux Fur 20mm Soft Pile ideal for clothing, throws 58" Wide Mtex MT932 available in Leopard, Tiger, Reindeer and sully. This is Handwash only

There is also a Luxury Animal & Plain Faux Fur 25mm soft Pile ideal for throws 58" Wide MT933 available in 9 designs: White, Black, Ash, Badger, Pink, Brown Ombre, Brown White Wolf, Black Wolf and Brown Wolf. This is hand Wash only. 


If you require more than a metre please select by the metre and enter the number of metres required to the quantity box and click on add to the basket if you ordered more than 1 metre we will keep it as 1 piece for you where possible. 

If you require a larger amount please contact us.  

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