Batik Printed Fabric

February 28, 2019

Batik Printed Fabric

With Spring Nearly here it is time to get the colourful fabrics and prints out. Why not get inspired with our colourful range of Bali Batik Fabrics. We have a wide range of colour and designs so there is something for everyone. Batik Fabric can be used for patchwork, quilting and crafting. 

 The Bali Batik Fabric Comes from Indonesia, the fabric gets dyed and then they use wax which gives the fabric a bold and striking design this also means the design is unique. Cotton is used mainly as it holds the wax and dye really well. The designs are often floral and sometimes two tonal but always striking and eye catching. 


The Batik Range comes in at 45 inches wide which is 114 cm. The weight is 90 gsm. It is easy to sew and will be suitable for must styles of dress and crafts. You would need to use a polyester thread.There is no stretch to this fabric.


 If you require more than a metre please select by the metre and enter the number of metres required to the quantity box and click on add to the basket if you ordered more than 1 metre we will keep it as 1 piece for you where possible. To order and choose you design of batik Printed fabrics link below:

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