Silky Habutae Habotai 100% Polyester Lining Non-Stretch Fabric M500 Mtex


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Ivory 102
Royal Blue 103
Black 104
Turquoise 110
Baby Pink 118
Maroon 127
White 131
Green 138
Peach 140
Purple 158
Bright Pink 177
Copper Gold 182
Yellow 137
Brown 202
Red 106
Silver Grey 112
Sky blue 113
Soft Olive 124
Gold 181
Silk Gold 189
Aqua 120
Magenta Pink 156
Lilac 126
Space Grey 229

100% Polyester Habutai Sold Per metreWidth: 150cm - 58 inch wideIdeal for craft, patchwork & dress making.

Many Colours to choose from:

 Ivory 102, Royal Blue 103, Black 104, Turquoise 110, Baby Pink 118, Maroon 127, White 131, Green 138, Peach 140, Purple 158, Bright Pink 177, Copper Gold 182, Yellow 137, Space Grey 166, Brown 202, Navy Blue 163

Fabric Specifics: 100% Polyester

Habutae is a smooth, lustrous, lightweight fabric that was originally used to line Japanese kimonos. Our 100% polyester version is affordable and durable and drapes easily. It makes an excellent lining fabric for gowns and other sheer sewing projects and may also be used in lingerie, home décor and warm weather clothing.

Our 100% polyester habotai fabric is available in an array of colors to please any taste and suit every special occasion.

Our polyester habotai is the finest quality available and is a strong, durable fabric.

Price stated in the listing is per metre. As an example, should you require 3 metres, you will need to purchase 3 quantities of this item.

Multiples are supplied as continuous lengths unless otherwise requested. Fabric Care: 40 Deg Wash

Please contact us if you require any more pictures

While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the colours depicted in our images, please be aware that due to monitor resolution, lighting, photo processing software and other factors it is almost impossible to represent colour to 100% accuracy

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