Shimmer Checkered Printed ITY Dress, Fabric 58" wide M729 Mtex


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Cinnamon 1
Damson 2
Salmon 3
Cherry 4
Stone Silver 6
Gold 7
Brown 8

Shimmer Checkered  Printed Ity Dress, Scarf Fabric  58" wide M729 Mtex
Width 58 inches
Sample Size approx 10cm x 10cm
Material: Ity
Colours: Cinnamon 1, Damson 2, Salmon 3, Cherry 4, Navy 5, Stone Silver 6, Gold 7, Brown 8
Width: 58" Inches (150cm) 
Pattern size: 
Weight: 200 g/m²
Use: Can be used for  Dresses,  skirts, scarfs
Textile finishing: 
Feel/Hanging: hangs well

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