Samples Only of Hi-Multi Caress Chiffon Sheer Fabric Semi-Transparent M608 Mtex


Exact Colour
Black S1
White S3
Purple S4
Red S5
Royal Blue S6
Fuschia S7
Bottle Green S8
Baby Pink S9
Camel S10
Jade S11
Lemon S12
Light Fawn S13
Blush S14
Grape S15
Ocean Turquoise S16
Dark Purple S17
Powder Blue S18
Vivid Mulberry S19
Cerise S20
Teal S21
Nutmeg S22
Cobalt Blue S23
Tangerine S72
Mango C58
Flo Cerise S79
Deep Teal S100
Claret Red S77
Light Aqua C72
Powder Blue C97
Brown C22
White C1
Mint Green C5025
Olive C5600
Dusky Blue C5500
Soft Olive C47
Silk Lilac C45
Silk Lime C37
Dusty Lilac C6039
Forrest Green C5700
Soft Blue C5027
Soft Pink C4
Lavender Grey
Silver Grey C25
Classic Lime C30
Almond C32
Silk Lemon C52
New Lime C5025
Dark Lilac C5028
Cream C2645
Buttercream C4745
Maroon C4781
Fuschia C10
Turquoise C27
Teal C81
Cerise C26
Dark Fawn C64
Rose Pink C53
Violet CX61

Hi-Multi Caress Chiffon Sheer Fabric Semi-Transparent 42" M608 Mtex

Sample Size approx 10cm x 10cm

Material: 100% Polyester

Colour: Black S1, Navy S2, White S3, Purple S4, Red S5, Royal Blue S6, Fuschia S7, Bottle Green S8, Baby Pink S9, Camel S10, Jade S11, Lemon S12, Light Fawn S13, Blush S14, Grape S15, Ocean Turquoise S16, Dark Purple S17, Powder Blue S18, Vivid Mulberry S19, Cerise S20, Teal S21, Nutmeg S22, Cobalt Blue S23, Tangerine S72, Mango C58, Ivory, Brown, Flo Cerise S79, Deep Teal S100, Claret Red S77


Pattern size: 

Weight: 49 g/m²

Use: Dresses, Skirts, tops, Blouses, accessories and other garments  

Manufacturing: Woven 

Textile finishing: 

Feel/Hanging: hangs well

Certificates: None


Collections: All, Chiffon, Coating, Shop Front, Under £2

Category: under-2

Type: Unknown Type

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