100% Cambric Egyptian Cotton Plain Poplin Fabric sold Per metre M1482


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Indulge in the luxuriously soft and crisp texture of our 100% Cambric Egyptian Cotton Plain Poplin Fabric M1482.

Experience the quintessential elegance of Cambric, a fine-woven cotton fabric known for its unparalleled softness, breathability, and drape.

Crafted from the finest Egyptian Cotton, this exquisite fabric exudes a natural sheen that complements any design.

Embrace the versatility of our Plain Poplin Fabric, perfect for a wide array of garments, from delicate blouses and dresses to lightweight curtains and table linens.

With its inherent wrinkle resistance and superb drape, this fabric ensures a flawless finish to every creation.

Order your meter today and elevate your sartorial creations with the exquisite touch of 100% Cambric Egyptian Cotton Plain Poplin Fabric M1482.


    • 100% Cambric Egyptian Cotton
    • Plain Poplin Weave
    • Natural Sheen
    • Breathable and Lightweight
    • Wrinkle Resistant
    • Excellent Draping
    • Ideal for a Variety of Garments and Home Decor


    • Fabric Width: 40 inches
    • Sample Size: Approx. 10cm x 10cm
    • Meterage: Sold per metre

Order yours today and experience the luxury of pure cotton elegance!

100% Cambric Egyptian Cotton Plain Poplin M1482

Width - 40 inches
Sample Size - approx 10cm x 10cm
Material: 100% Cotton Poplin

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