Jade green corded embroidery lace with jade faux pearls - Double scalloped border Fabric -M1400-33


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Elevate Your Creations with This Exquisite Jade Green Corded Embroidery Lace with Jade Faux Pearls - Double Scallopped Border Fabric

Embrace the allure of exquisite craftsmanship with this captivating jade green corded embroidery lace fabric adorned with sparkling jade faux pearls and a graceful double scalloped border. This exceptional fabric will transform your sewing projects into masterpieces of elegance and sophistication.


    • Jade Green Color: Indulge in the vibrant and enchanting shade of jade green, a timeless color that exudes elegance and sophistication.

    • Corded Embroidery: The exquisite corded embroidery adds a touch of intricate detail and texture, elevating the fabric's visual appeal.

    • Sparkling Jade Faux Pearls: The subtle shimmer of jade faux pearls adds a touch of brilliance and elegance,enhancing the fabric's overall charm.

    • Double Scallopped Border: The graceful double scalloped border softens the edges and adds a touch of timeless elegance to your sewing projects.

Perfect for:

    • Elegant Wedding Dresses: Craft a breathtaking wedding gown that captures the essence of elegance and grace with this exquisite fabric.

    • Luxurious Evening Wear: Dazzle in a captivating evening gown adorned with this luxurious lace fabric, turning heads wherever you go.

    • Sophisticated Accessories: Elevate your style with this exquisite lace fabric for crafting sophisticated accessories like scarves, purses, and more.

    • Handcrafted Home Decor: Adorn your home with unique and personalized accents crafted from this exquisite lace fabric.

With its captivating color, intricate embroidery, sparkling embellishments, and timeless design, this jade green corded embroidery lace fabric with jade faux pearls and a double scalloped border is the perfect choice for creating stunning and elegant sewing projects. Let your creativity flourish and transform your ideas into masterpieces that will captivate everyone who beholds them.

Indulge in luxury with our Jade Green Corded Embroidery Lace. Adorned with exquisite jade faux pearls and boasting a double-scalloped border, this lace will add an elegant and sophisticated touch to any garment. Elevate your fashion game with this exclusive and timeless piece.


150 gsm



100% Nylon 





Sold By the meter. 

Multiple orders of the same fabric will be sent as a continuous piece.


Sample Size:

 10cm x 10cm Approx

If you require a sample, please select from the "length" option above. 

Please order a sample to avoid disappointment.


Washing Instructions:

Manufacturer says: Gentle hand wash. Hang to dry.

We strongly recommend testing a small piece first to be sure



We put a great deal of effort into taking images which represent the colours as closely as possible, 

however, the appearance of colours will always vary slightly from one computer screen to another.



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