Crushed Crinkled Lightweight Chiffon dress and scarf Fabric 58" M195 Mtex


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Exact Colour
ButterCream 1
Lime 2
Peach 3
Taupe 4
Blue 5
Antique Gold Shot Purple 6
Olive 7
Light Purple 8
Copper 9
Charcoal 10

Crushed Crinkled Lightweight Chiffon dress and scarf Fabric 55" M195 Mtex

This high quality crushed crinkled lightweight chiffon fabric has many different uses such as Wedding Dresses, Night Gowns, Lingerie,Scarves, and Blouses.

Width 55 inches
Sample Size approx 10cm x 10cm
Material: 100% Polyester
Colour: ButterCream 1, Lime 2, Peach 3, Taupe 4, Blue 5, Antique Gold Shot Purple 6, Olive 7, Light Purple 8, Copper 9, Charcoal 10
Width: 55" Wide
Pattern size:
Weight: 49 g/m²
Use: Can be used for Wedding Dresses, Night Gowns, Layering, Lingerie, Scarves, Blouses
Manufacturing: Woven
Textile finishing:
Feel/Hanging: hangs well

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order more than 1m?

Enter the number of metres required in the buy now quantity box, if there are not

enough metres listed, email to see if we have the required balance – we usually do.

Will multiple metres come in one continuous piece?

Yes generally, but if you require otherwise then please let us know.

Do you combine P&P (shipping & handling) for multiple purchases ?

Yes, always.

Do you take Orders / Credit card payments over the phone ?

No. We accept PayPal only.

Do you ship outside the UK ?

Yes, please contact us for a price.

While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the colours depicted in our images, please be aware that due to monitor resolution, lighting, photo processing software and other factors it is almost impossible to represent colour to 100% accuracy.

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