Black floral Printed Viscose Lace Dress fabric M1400-46 Mtex


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Black Floral Viscose Lace Dress Fabric - 48 Inches Wide - Perfect for Elegance!

Indulge in timeless elegance with our Black Floral Viscose Lace Dress Fabric, a premium choice for your next sewing project. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this fabric exudes sophistication and charm.

Luxurious Material: Made from high-quality viscose, this lace fabric offers a luxurious feel and exceptional durability, ensuring your creations stand the test of time.

Intricate Floral Design: Delicately woven with a captivating floral pattern, this fabric adds a touch of femininity and grace to any garment.

Versatile Width: With a generous width of 48 inches, this fabric provides ample material for crafting dresses, skirts, blouses, or any other apparel you desire.

Soft and Comfortable: Experience unparalleled comfort as the soft texture of the fabric gently caresses your skin, making it perfect for all-day wear.

Timeless Appeal: Whether you're sewing a vintage-inspired gown or a modern ensemble, the classic black hue and timeless design of this lace fabric ensure it never goes out of style.

Formal Events: Create stunning evening gowns or cocktail dresses that command attention and admiration.

Casual Wear: Design chic blouses or skirts for everyday elegance that effortlessly transitions from day to night.

Special Occasions: Fashion breathtaking outfits for weddings, parties, or any memorable celebration where you want to leave a lasting impression.

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