Gold Floral metallic print Indian faux silk banarsi Brocade fabric 45" Wide M282


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Exact Colour
Maroon 1
Red 2
Black 3
Turquoise 4
Cerise Pink 5
Green 6
Golden Cream 7
Emerald Green 9
Royal Blue 10
Space Grey 11
Deep Red 12
Ivory 13
Magenta 14
Coral Pink 15
Orange 16
Light Orange 17
Metallic Grey 18
Aqua 19
Burgundy 20
Pink 21
Bottle Green 22
Olive 23
Pink 24
Forest Green 25
Light Green 26
Damson 27
Light Gold 28
Sea Green 29
Sage Green 30
Deep Purple 31
Peach 32
Lavender 33
Gold 34
Grey 35
Yellow Gold 36
Lime 37

Gold Floral metallic print Indian faux silk banarsi Brocade fabric 45" Wide M282

Width: 40 inches :100cm

Sample Size approx: 10cm x 10cm

Fat quarter :50cm by 50cm

Material: Polyester & Lurex 

Colour: Maroon 1, Red 2, Black 3, Turquoise 4, Cerise Pink 5, Green 6, Golden Cream 7, Navy 8, Emerald Green 9

Weight: 120gsm

Pattern size: 

Use: The machine woven silk gives the fabric a high end and chic look. You can use this fabric to make Dresses, Tops, Blouses, Jackets, Crafting, Clutches or Evening Bags, Pillows, Drapery, Home Decor, Outdoor, Quilting, Sewing, and Upholstery. 

Manufacturing: Woven 

Textile finishing: Feel/Hanging: 


Please Contact Us If You Require Any More Pictures

This is High Quality Fabric, we have been selling this exact material for years without any problems. 

If you have any questions/problems please do not hesitate to contact us

If you require a sample, please select from the "length" option above. Please order a sample to avoid disappointment.

A NOTE ABOUT COLORS: We put a great deal of effort into taking images which represent the colors as closely as possible however the appearance of colors will always vary slightly from one computer screen to another. 



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