Sensational 3mm Sewn On allover Sequins On Net Fabric 48" Wide Dress Fabric M79 Mtex


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Exact Colour
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Blue 2
Champagne 4
Copper 5
Silver 6
Wine 7
Cerise 8
Pink 9
Mint 10
Light Gold 11
Baby Pink 12
Yellow 13
Black 14
Silver Grey 15
Green 16
Purple 17
Gold 18
Turquoise 19
Peacock 20
Peach 21
Jade 22
Black Silver 23
Black Gold 24

Introducing our Sensational 3mm Sewn on allover sequins on net fabric, 48" Wide Dress Fabric M79 Mtex!

This exquisite fabric will dazzle you with its shimmering 3mm sequins, adding a touch of glamour and elegance to any garment. Its lightweight net base creates a delicate and romantic look, while the sequins provide a touch of sparkle and shine.

Embrace the Glamour of Sequin Sparkle

This fabric is adorned with 3mm sequins that beautifully reflect light, creating a mesmerizing shimmer and shine. The sequins are sewn onto a lightweight net base, adding a touch of delicate texture and allowing the light to dance through the fabric.

Experience the Elegance of Net Fabric

The delicate net base of this fabric adds a touch of airy elegance to any garment. Its sheerness allows the sequins to pop and the light to shine through, creating a captivating and eye-catching effect.

Perfect for a Variety of Garments

This versatile fabric is perfect for a variety of garments, including:

    • Evening gowns and cocktail dresses: Create stunning evening gowns and cocktail dresses that will turn heads wherever you go.
    • Bridesmaid dresses: Add a touch of sparkle to bridesmaid dresses with this elegant fabric.
    • Festival wear: Dress up for festivals and parties with this glamorous fabric.
    • Accessories: Create unique and stylish accessories with this sequined fabric.

Order Yours Today and Dazzle the Crowd

Let this Sensational 3mm Sewn on allover sequins on net fabric, 48" Wide Dress Fabric M79 Mtex be the star of your next fashion creation. Its glitzy sequins, delicate net base, and versatility make it an essential addition to any crafter's toolkit.


    • Fabric: 100% Polyester net
    • Pattern: Sequined
    • Weave: Plain
    • Width: 48"
    • Thickness: Thin
    • Weight: Light
    • Use: Evening gowns, cocktail dresses, bridesmaid dresses, festival wear, and accessories

Order Yours Today and Add a Touch of Sparkle to Your Wardrobe!

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