Flower Floral Elegant Indigo Denim Border Scalloped Edge Dress fabric M1834


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Exact Colour
Indigo 1

Floral Elegance: Blue Border Scalloped Edge Fabric - Perfect for Crafting & Decor

100% Cotton

137cm wide


Looking for a unique fabric to add a touch of whimsy to your next project? Look no further! This beautiful indigo denim fabric features stunning floral embroidery, perfect for creating a variety of garments and crafts.

Rich Indigo Denim: The deep blue denim base provides a cool and classic foundation for the embroidery.

Delicate Floral Embroidery: The embroidery design features (describe the flower type(s) and color(s) - if you know this information). It adds a touch of femininity and charm to the fabric.

High-Quality Material: Made from durable cotton, this fabric is perfect for clothing, bags, home decor projects, and more (depending on the weight of the denim).

Versatile and Stylish: This fabric can be used to create a variety of looks, from casual and bohemian to chic and modern

Washing instructions:

Machine Wash 30

Do Not Bleach
Iron, low Heat, Delicate 

Do not Dryclean

Tumblle Dry, Normal, Low Heat

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